'Gran Seleccion' Anchovies in Olive Oil 12/18

Conservas Ortiz

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Each anchovy is selected for quality and matured in sea salt. After maturation, they are filleted by hand and laid in their tins one by one. An artisanal process that can not be automated. These robust anchovies are perfect for salad dressings, pasta sauces, or anywhere you want to pack umami flavor.

Its impossible to discuss conservas from Spain and not talk about Conservas Ortiz. They are the benchmark producer of high quality, sea-to-can, powerfully flavored conservas. There is a reason they are so iconic - they are so reliably delicious. 

Recipes to try: Roasted Eggplant w/ Anchovy Vinaigrette, One Pot Pantry Pasta, Furikake Eggs w/ Anchovies

Company: Conservas Ortiz
Ingredients: Anchovies, Olive Oil and Salt
Country of Origin: Pais Vasco, Spain