Handing your guest a cocktail at your house party and seeing their eyes light up is one of the most satisfying moments for a host. And boy do their eyes light up; because rather than looking homemade, it looks exactly like the cocktails they order at their favorite bars and restaurants (for quite a lot of money). Elevating simple and delicious cocktails is far easier than most imagine-- and often can be done with the right sugar/salt rim. We've developed three of them that are endlessly usable and delicious. These sugar salt blends are flashy without being "precious" -- adding genuine depth and complexity.

Chocolate, Ancho Chili & Blood Orange adds an addictive warm and bright quality to whatever you pair it with. We’ve used to garnish cocktails, it works perfectly on an espresso martini, or we dusted our vanilla halva with it for a chocolatey-spicy kick.

Company: Conserva
Ingredients: Sugar, Salt, Chocolate, Ancho Chili, Blood Orange, Gold
Country of Origin: USA