Conserva Virgin
Different Conserva's Virgin in a tray
Conserva Virgin
Conserva Virgin
Fried Mussels
Smoked salmon can
Red sweet peppers
La Buvette book
Salmon on wooden and ceramic plate
Pepper in oil on plate

Conserva Virgin


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Ready to try your first conserva? Let these be your gateway to the world of premium tinned fish. Keep Camille's 'La Buvette' handy for simple and striking recipe ideas.

Set includes 1 of each: Olasagasti Yellowfin Tuna, Ortiz 'Gran Seleccion' Anchovies, Ramon Peña Small Mussels in Escabeche, Wildfish Cannery Smoked King Salmon, La Catedral Pimientos del Piquillo, La Buvette by Camille Fourmont