Handing your guest a cocktail at your house party and seeing their eyes light up  is one of the most satisfying moments for a host. And boy do their eyes light up; because rather than looking homemade, it looks exactly like the cocktails they order at their favorite bars and restaurants (for quite a lot of money). Elevating simple and delicious cocktails is far easier than most imagine-- and often can be done with the right garnish.

It's the easiest piece of grandiosity you could ever add to a cocktail: a dried pineapple, vibrant in color and dusted with literal gold. You can use it for baking or topping anything from cakes to ice cream, but its ability to make a Mai Tai look world-class is why we really truly love them.  

Company: Conserva
Ingredients: Dried Pineapple, Sugar
Country of Origin: USA