Handing your guest a cocktail at your house party and seeing their eyes light up is one of the most satisfying moments for a host. And boy do their eyes light up; because rather than looking homemade, it looks exactly like the cocktails they order at their favorite bars and restaurants (for quite a lot of money). Elevating simple and delicious cocktails is far easier than most imagine-- and often can be done with the right sugar/salt rim. We've developed three of them that are endlessly usable and delicious. These sugar salt blends are flashy without being "precious" -- adding genuine depth and complexity.

Truffle, Olive, Lemon, Gold, adds a bright, earthy, complexity to whatever you pair it with. We paired ours with a Bloody Mary, garnished with a gilda pintxo and our Truffle-Olive-Lemon-Gold sugar salt, elevating our at home-morning-pick-me-up to restaurant quality.

Company: Conserva
Ingredients: Sugar, Salt, Truffle, Olive, Lemon, Gold
Country of Origin: USA