Infrared Roasted Black Sesame Oil

Infrared Roasted Black Sesame Oil

Queens Bucket

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 This is the purest and most expressive sesame seed oil available. This one produced with 100% black sesame seeds is the most robustly flavored seed oil produced by Queens Bucket. Perfect for mixing with stronger flavored shoyus and fish sauces, and makes a great finishing oil for freshly grilled red meats or Autumn squashes.

The sesame oils produced by Queens Bucket are complex and pure. Using infrared rays to roast the seeds, they capture all the delicate flavors and the maximum amount of vitamins, while avoiding any bitter flavors, more commonly found in typical seed oils. Absolutely no chemicals or solvents are used in the oil extraction process, and a pharmaceutical grade filtration method maintains the vitamins and health properties of the raw seeds.

Company: Queens Bucket
Ingredients: Black sesame seeds
Country of Origin: Seoul, South Korea