This chocolate has addicting mouthfeel - from first bite you'll become intoxicated by the velvety coat of rich chocolate mixed with espresso-bean-like-grit. A minimally-processed chocolate from this Lithuanian chocolatier utilizes ancient grinding techniques with ingredients derived from a single source: The Equator. Complex textures allow the full spectrum of this chocolate-forward bar to shine.

Naive relies on Lithuania’s old fashioned agriculture and harvests wild ingredients from some of the world’s most pristine forests to create distinctly Eastern European chocolate. Ingredients are freeze dried and ground with the cacao, resulting in bars with silky smooth textures that carry distinct aromas. Naive’s founder and chocolate maker Domantas Uzpalis is a creative soul who is constantly reinventing the entire line. 

Company: Naive Chocolate
Ingredients: specialty cacao, sugar, cacao butter. May contain traces of peanuts, sunflowers, barley and milk. Cacao min 75%. This product contains dairy.
Country of Origin: Lithuania