'Tawny' Vintage Porron


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Part sculpture, part drinking vessel, part party starter. The porrón is a centuries old icon of Spain's drinking culture. Invented to serve as a method for farmers or factory workers to share a bottle of wine without sharing germs. Now, it's the ultimate celebration companion. This rare vintage porrón is from our private Conserva collection. It's one of those items in our collection where we scrunch up our noses and go: should we keep it? or do we share it? We've settled on sharing it - but we aren't entirely happy about it!

Item size: 10.5" height x 10" long x 5.75" wide
Made of: Handmade with recycled glass
Care instructions: Hand wash only with warm water and dish soap using a sponge or soft bristled brush. Do not wash in dishwasher. Do not fill with hot liquids or use in microwave or oven. 

Country of Origin: Spain


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