No machine can make a glass this perfectly thin. Every glass from Sophienwald is made by hand by expert Austrian craftspeople. Each one is designed with gorgeous modern aesthetics and simultaneously produces an optimal wine experience. Glass this thin and light means there is no barrier between the wine and your palate. 

Trusted by sommeliers, this luxurious and alluring handblown Champagne glass from Sophienwald is silky smooth to the touch and provides you with an unmatched tasting experience. It gives sparkling wines room to unfold perfectly in its diamond-shaped bowl, while the tapered sides help retain carbonation and the champagne’s acidity, while maintaining a beautiful perlage.

The iconic stemware of the conserva tablescape is available exclusively at, and is shipped directly from Sophienwald.

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Item size: 9 5/8″ height x 3 3/8″ diameter. 14oz volume.
Made of: Mouth blown and handmade with highest quality glass
Care Instructions: Hand washing is recommended, but these are dishwasher safe as well. To ensure that you can enjoy your Sophienwald glasses for a long time, always use a "gentle" washing program with a maximum water temperature of 122ºF when washing in the dishwasher. Also make sure that you use a small amount of liquid detergent. Always place the glasses in the basket with the opening facing downwards and avoid cleaning them together with very dirty dishes.

Country of Origin: Austria


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