Pause Awhile


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A beautiful set of mood enhancing Ha Ko incense with a handmade, one-of-a-kind Lue Brass plate.

Set includes (1) choice of incense from the following:

To light a Ha Ko incense leaf is to begin a seven minute long ritual of gorgeous smoke plumes that transform the scent of your space. More forceful than a lit candle and more delicate than incense sticks-- these leaves are truly special. Unlit, they offer a beautiful aroma that can be set on a desk, used as a bookmark, or set on your bedside table. They're peace and intention made tangible. 

Lue Brass plates have taken all our hearts. Each one is hand made in Setouchi Japan and patinas with age and use alongside you. The combination with the Ha Ko incense is our favorite marriage, and gives but another primary use for an heirloom plate. 

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