Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2021

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2021

By Drew McConnell

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2021




To Pantry, With Love

The perfect gift for anyone on your list, this pack includes Raspberry Halva, Caramelized Lavender Milk Chocolate, Sparkling Wine Potato Chips, Olasagasti Bonito del Norte Tuna, and Tozzetti Bufala Butter Crackers. 


U Candle

Almost unfairly positioning itself as the unparalleled centerpiece at any table, Glaze Studio's u-shaped candle features two imposing towers of white beeswax. The candle is anchored by a brushed brass clamp securing its sturdy foundation. The U Candle is made by Akeem and Stephanie Glaze in their Brooklyn studio. 

The Sweetness

Curb your craving with a selection of our most popular sweets. Put them all together on a board or cake stand for an eclectic and effortless dessert tray. This bundle comes with  7 individual items. 

Chocolates at Conserva

The perfect gift for Valentine’s day is almost always chocolate. Try #conservacult favorites like Gin Tonic Milk Chocolate Cacao Sampaka, Salted Egg Cereal Blond Chocolate, and White Sesame & Seaweed Blond Chocolate- you really can’t go wrong.
$8.00 - 13.00