Welcome to Conserva

We believe in putting effort in exactly the right place so that sharing exceptional moments with each other is effortless. Some of the most magical moments in our lives have ended at a table scattered with empty plates, crumpled up napkins, and a bit of spilled wine. The aftermath of togetherness.

Inside Conserva, we have made a place for those drawn to that sort of togetherness, a place that shares craft and ingredient, inspiration and art, and ever a touch of down-the-rabbit-hole eccentricity.


Canned seafood in oil

Who wouldn't want to be your guest?

At Conserva, we turn you into an instant party host with the most beautiful crafted tableware, original art, and highest quality conservas and preserved foods (from which we get our namesake, and most importantly, inspiration). We do the work of finding the best components to bring the most joy with the least work. Exceptional craftspeople, small producers, artisanal makers, and talented creatives are who and what we love at Conserva.


A large variety of seafood conserva cans opened amongst wine glasses on a pink surface


We can't wait to get into your pantries

"Natural and slow fermentations, long aging periods, exposure to everyday elements like oxygen and salt, all lead to the most complex flavors in exceptional tinned fish, preserved vegetables, olive oils, shoyus, dried spices, and vinegars. Conserva celebrates the craftspeople who make these beautiful and delicious things with brilliance and methodical intention. Your pantry will thank you." Gretchen, Co-creator


 Drew McConnell and Gretchen Thomas laughing, an outtake from the construction of the tablescape

Make your space your place 

"I've moved from city to city for the past decade. Mom would always call to make sure I unpacked my boxes as soon as I moved into a new apartment because, 'if your space is put away and looks nice, you're going to feel better ... I promise.' Her wisdom translates into all aspects of life. Having your favorite plates to eat from, the art you adore hanging on your walls, your incense lit and your books placed intentionally on your coffee table, matters. It. Makes. You. Feel. Better. It also means focusing less on fast consumption and overly-trendy things; it's about surrounding yourself with special and lasting objects that grow and patina with you over time. It changes the way you feel and it changes the way others enjoy your space alongside you." Drew, Co-creator



Porron on marble table


We found the best one 

"There aren't any fillers at Conserva, so you won't find an exhaustive list of all options. Instead, we invite you to enjoy the specific standouts we've poured over, become obsessed with, and can't stop thinking about. We offer up the less-known and one-of-a-kind heroes, the ones that'll truly be the star of your party, your living room, your wall and your kitchen." Emily, Curator


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