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Jurel' Small Horse Mackerel in Olive Oil
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Close up of 'Jurel' Small Horse Mackerel in Olive Oil
Jurel' Small Horse front of box
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'Jurel' Small Horse Mackerel in Olive Oil

Ramón Peña

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Perhaps you've never heard of jurels before, but these silvery skinned fish are similar to sardines in texture, but very mild in aroma and with a buttery taste. We think these jurels are the gateway to loving sardines. Also known as horse mackerel they are hand-selected before being toasted and placed in salted olive oil. High in protein and lower on fat content than similar fishes, the filets make an excellent garnish for salads, table bread, or sandwiches. Try pairing them with your favorite apéritif.

Ramón Peña is not only known as one of the highest quality conserva producers in Spain, he's one of the hardest working. His local reputation of always being the first to the morning fish auction is well known. He does that, because he gets first dibs on the best catch of the day. Each can of Ramón Peña fish is made of pristinely fresh fish, preserved using artisan techniques and never any additives. 

Company: Ramón Peña
Ingredients: small horse makerel, olive oil, salt
Country of Origin: Galicia, Spain