Sardines in Olive Oil 25/30
Sardines foodscape on wooden platter
Ramon Sardinas box
Ramon pena sardines
sardines with lemon zest and tuna with piquillo peppers
Sardines food label

Sardines in Olive Oil 25/30

Ramón Peña

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Ramón Peña has been canning fine seafoods for a century and the black-label series is the pride of the company. Crisp, firm, and light sardines packed in olive oil—fished off of the Spanish East Atlantic Coast—make for a pleasantly mild snack or for giving a tapas spread some extra authenticity.

Ramón Peña is not only known as one of the highest quality conserva producers in Spain, he's one of the hardest working. His local reputation of always being the first to the morning fish auction is well known. He does that, because he gets first dibs on the best catch of the day. Each can of Ramón Peña fish is made of pristinely fresh fish, preserved using artisan techniques and never any additives. 

Company: Ramón Peña
Ingredients: sardines, olive oil, salt
Country of Origin: Galicia, Spain