Conserva Porrón with Walnut Stopper
Conserva Porr—n with Walnut Stopper
Conserva Porr—n pouring wine in a glass
Conserva Porr—n and many dishes on a table
Conserva Porr—n with Walnut Stopper
Four Conserva Porr—n
Conserva Porr—n with Walnut Stopper in low light
Close up of walnut stopper green
porron with a buttermilk walnut stopper

Conserva Porrón with Walnut Stopper


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Part sculpture, part drinking vessel, part party starter. The porrón is a centuries old icon of Spain's drinking culture. Invented to serve as a method for farmers or factory workers to share a bottle of wine without needing multiple glasses.

We focus on the porrón so much because it comes from the same place as conservas and, unexpectedly, they have a lot in common: an unassuming thing that sits on the shelf until you're ready to unleash it at a party, unforgettably so. 

But instead of stowing the porrón away until it's ready to be used at the party, we designed a solid walnut stopper that mirrors the design of our Pedestal Board, hand-painted with an underbelly of enamel to turn it into a sculpture you’d want to display. It draws your eye to any shelf or bar, to be used as a decanter and as the bong of booze it's destined to be.


Made with 100% recycled glass. Choose color of stopper from three choices.  

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Item size: Porrón - 8" long x 10" height x 5" wide. 1 liter capacity. Walnut Stopper - 1.75" round x 2" height
Made of: Porrón - recycled glass. Stopper - solid, high grade, FAS walnut attached to natural cork
Care instructions: Hand wash only with warm water and dish soap using a sponge or soft bristled brush. Do not wash in dishwasher. Do not fill with hot liquids or use in microwave or oven.

Country of Origin: Spain