U Candle
U Candle
Someone holding the U Candle
Lit U Candle in low light
Close up of the top of the U Candle
U Candle in low light
U Candle
U Candle

U Candle


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Almost unfairly positioning itself as the unparalleled centerpiece at any table, Glaze Studio's u-shaped candle features two imposing towers of white beeswax. The candle is anchored by a brushed brass clamp securing its sturdy foundation. The U Candle is made by Akeem and Stephanie Glaze in their Brooklyn studio. 

Item size: 14" x 6.25" x 1.25"
Made of: Handpoured 100% white beeswax. solid brass holder.
Burn Time: Approximately 25 hrs per pillar

Country of Origin: USA