Gueyumar sources these extra large mussels from the icy Atlantic waters of Galicia. They are gently chargrilled with dried eucalyptus wood and canned in escabeche sauce made with extra virgin olive oil and aromatic apple cider vinegar.

Enjoy right out of the can, plated, or in any mussels recipe. Chef Abel recommends heating ever so slightly at low temperature for maximum expression. 

From a remote village in Asturias, Spain comes the most exciting, new conservas project on the peninsula. Chef Abel Álvarez has reimagined how conservas can be produced. He selects the finest seafood from the region and chargrills them before canning. A very innovative and gastronomic approach to canned seafoods.

Company: Conservas Braseadas Gueyumar 
Ingredients: mussels, extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, spices
Country of Origin: Asturias, Spain