This canned white tuna loin from Gueyumar is a gourmet rarity. The tuna is caught in nets using a 3,000 year-old technique called "almadraba." Over half of the tuna caught in the south of Spain using this technique is sold to Japan for premium level sushi, the other half is consumed in Iberia. Chef Abel procures richly flavored cuts for chargrilling at Gueyumar, and hand packs each piece in 100% arbequina extra virgin olive oil. 

Enjoy right out of the can, plated, or in any conserved tuna recipe. Chef Abel recommends heating ever so slightly at low temperature for maximum expression. 

From a remote village in Asturias, Spain comes the most exciting, new conservas project on the peninsula. Chef Abel Álvarez has reimagined how conservas can be produced. He selects the finest seafood from the region and chargrills them before canning. A very innovative and gastronomic approach to canned seafoods.

Company: Conservas Braseadas Gueyumar 
Ingredients: white tuna loin, extra virgin olive oil
Country of Origin: Asturias, Spain