Cinnamon Cocktail Spice


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Drink Addition creators Matt Hemeyer and Eric Salenski are making singular and pure cocktail flavorings that are like secret weapons for any mixologist. Most cocktail bitters are a mixture of flavors, spices and bittering agents, however these tinctures created by Addition are specifically single spice or single herb, without any bittering agents or complimentary ingredients. As you're creating cocktail recipes, this gives you ultimate control over the end result of your drink by adding potent pops of flavor in tiny drops.

If you want to turn your basic Manhattan into a cinnamon Manhattan, just a few drops of their cinnamon bitters into your already perfected Manhattan recipe and boom. No need to infuse your bourbon with cinnamon (and risk ruining perfectly good bourbon). No need to rebalance sweetness or acidity. These are premium liquid spices that will enhance any home or professional bar’s capabilities.

Company: Addition
Ingredients: water, alcohol, cinnamon. 45% ABV
Country of Origin: Washington, USA