From the Iberian Peninsula, comes smaller producer Ramón Peña's take on the classic clams in brine. Featuring no dyes, preservatives, or any other additives during the careful cooking process, it is among one of the most respected brands in tinned seafoods.

Ramón Peña is not only known as one of the highest quality conserva producers in Spain, he's one of the hardest working. His local reputation of always being the first to the morning fish auction is well known. He does that, because he gets first dibs on the best catch of the day. Each can of Ramón Peña fish is made of pristinely fresh fish, preserved using artisan techniques and never any additives. 

Recipe to try: Tomatoes, Clams & Garlic Naan with Lime Yogurt Sauce

Company: Ramón Peña
Ingredients: clams, water, salt
Country of Origin: Galicia, Spain