Scout Canning, Ontario Trout with Dill, on white reflective background

Ontario Trout with Dill

Scout Canning

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This Ontario Trout with Dill is the quintessential Scout Canning product. Responsibly farmed North American trout is combined with dill, cold-pressed sunflower oil, and a bit of salt, embodying the Scout Canning ethos on tinned fish. Preparing this Ontario Trout with Dill is as easy as opening the can. Scout Canning supplies tinned fish you’ll crave, and feel good about eating. Responsibly farmed and harvested seafood, Scout Canning donates 1% back into the earth with revitalization projects.

Company: SCOUT Canning 

Ingredients:  Rainbow trout, cold-pressed sunflower oil, dill weed, dill seed, salt.

Country of Origin: Ontario, Canada