Plum Smoked Tea Compote

Casa Forcello

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A seductive blend of plums and pinewood-smoked black tea, this compote is beautiful with cured meats and soft, milky cheeses. We think this remarkable condiment pairs uniquely well with burrata, a loaf of rustic bread and Netflix.

Paola Calciolari began her career as a pharmacist but her true passion was food. Using traditional recipes handed down from her grandmother, she makes her exceptional mostardas and compotes by sourcing locally harvested fruit, slicing and candying them in their juices, and then adding drops of a very concentrated, spicy mustard extract; it is a highly labor-intensive process. Unlike other whole mustard fruits, these are extraordinarily fresh, flavorful and chunky.

Company: Casa Forcello
Ingredients: plums 70%, sugar, smoked black tea
Country of Origin: Lombardia, Italy