Plum Vinegar Aged 3 Years

Plum Vinegar Aged 3 Years


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More tart than Western versions, plums in Korea are rarely eaten raw but typically made into syrups, pickles, and alcohol. It has long been used in Asian medicine to reduce fatigue and aid digestion. Whiile popular as a drinking vinegar, its combination of astrignecy and sweetness is likewise suitable for dressings and marinades.

With a deep knowledge of Asian medicine passed down through multiple generations, family-owned Hanega has been making vinegars using traditional brewing and fermentation methods for over a century. After decades producing vinegar for Eastern medical clinics, Hanega vinegars only became commercially available in 2008. Hanega vinegars are produced at the foot of Manisan mountain on Ganghwa island, near the Yellow Sea. Local natural water is combined with the highest quality ingredients, grown in-house or sourced from specific regions in Korea, and brewed once each summer during the three hottest days of the year. Three different types of rice are mixed with yeast in onggi earthenware urns, where they are cleaned and stirred daily over the next several years.

Company: Hanega
Ingredients: Korean Plum Fruit, Water, Brown Sugar, Gingko Berry, White Rice, Wheat Yeast, Malted Barley, Brown Rice, Glutinous Rice, Korean Red Pine Needle
Country of Origin: Ganghwa, South Korea