Vintage. Sardines. From Calvados, Galicia. 

Ridiculously delicious, and because of being vintage? totally unique and rare. Unlike other brands, but similar to wine labels, these sardines have a vintage to indicate the year they were packed. 

Women have traditionally been the keepers of the craft. Known for their dexterity and expertise, women have passed down the packing of conservas for generations in Spain and Portugal. Psycis has highlighted this tradition, denoting each tin with a numbered paper seal, honoring the woman who meticulously prepared and placed each of the sardines by hand. Gazing into each tin is to look at unadulterated expertise. 

Pyscis had just landed in the U.S., and we cannot wait to bring on more of their amazing conservas. Cool shit comes from cool places, yummy.

Company: Pyscis
Ingredients: sardines, olive oil, salt
Country of Origin: Galicia, Spain