salmon with honey shoyu glaze and furikake

Seared Salmon w/ Honey Shoyu Glaze & Furikake

By Gretchen Thomas

salmon with honey shoyu glaze and furikake
Serves 2
Active Time - 10 minutes. Total Time - 10 minutes

I know what you’re thinking, “1992 called, it wants its recipe back.” Soy, honey and ginger glaze over salmon is not revolutionary. But when you use the right staple ingredients, it is revelatory. In this recipe, the Haku Black Garlic Shoyu is the star, and should not be substituted. You will love how easy and fast this sauce is to make. And if salmon isn’t your thing, replace it with anything - seared tuna, grilled chicken thighs or baked sweet potatoes would all be equally delicious. 

½ cup of Haku Black Garlic Shoyu

1 ½ Tablespoons of honey, preferably raw, like the Barr Hill Raw Honey

1 Tablespoon of rice wine vinegar

1 Large garlic clove, peeled and minced

1 Teaspoon of fresh ginger root, peeled and minced

2, 4oz salmon fillets, preferably with the skin on. 

2 Tablespoons of canola or vegetable oil

Salt, as needed

Black pepper, as needed

2 Teaspoons of Furikake, such as Black Horse Furikake

2 Teaspoons of chives, thinly sliced (optional)


1 - Start by preparing the sauce: In a mixing bowl whisk together the shoyu, honey, vinegar, garlic and ginger. Set aside.

2 - In a medium skillet, warm up the canola oil over medium heat. 

3 - Season the salmon on both sides with salt and pepper, then gently lay the salmon fillets, skin side down, in the skillet (expect some sizzling) and loosely cover with a lid. Cook for 5 - 7 minutes. 

4 - Once the skin has browned, carefully flip the salmon using a spatula, and sear the other side for 2 minutes.

5 - If the pan is sizzling a lot, turn down the heat to low, and then add the shoyu mixture into the pan. The sauce should be bubbling. Allow it to reduce for 2 - 3 minutes.

6 - Remove the pan from the heat. Plate your salmon fillets skin side down, and pour or spoon the shoyu glaze equally over each piece.

7 - Sprinkle each piece with furikake and chives