The Conserva 2021 Gift Guide

The Conserva 2021 Gift Guide

By Conserva Team

The Conserva 2021 Gift Guide

The Conserva Porrón 

It can be hard to put your finger on exactly what to buy the food and bev lover in your life. We've put our finger on it for you. It looks great on a shelf AND it’s a way to pour drinks into your mouth and the mouth of the person next to you. It’s the bong of booze, but you haven’t got to stow it away. 

Pyscis Sardines 'Royale' Vintage 2018 

They’re the new and hot sardines. Ridiculously delicious, and because of being vintage? totally unique and rare. Sardines are also a perfect entry Conserva for your friend that's just beginning to dabble - they’re mild, delicate, and gorgeous in the can. Pop a can on your charcuterie board for a gorgeous silvery-festive addition. 

Wildfish Cannery Smoked Salmon Caviar 

Sourced from Southeast Alaska and Troll-caught, there is nothing more instantly luxurious (or festive) than caviar at a moment’s notice. Try this caviar on a buckwheat blini, crème fraîche, and a touch of green onion. 

Conserva Sugar Salts

Handing your guest a cocktail at your house party and seeing their eyes light up  is one of the most satisfying moments for a host. We've developed three of them that are endlessly usable and delicious. These sugar salt blends are flashy without being "precious" - adding genuine depth and complexity. In three unique blends - Chocolate-Ancho-Blood Orange, Truffle-Olive-Lemon-Gold, Beet-Hibiscus-Lime

The “Essential” Wine Glass, 6 Pack

No machine can make a glass this perfectly thin. Every glass from Sophienwald is made by hand by expert Austrian craftspeople. Each one is designed with gorgeous modern aesthetics and simultaneously produces an optimal wine experience. We have an exclusive partnership with Sophienwald for free US shipping - use code CONSERVA a checkout. 

The Pedestal Board

Uniquely designed by Conserva, this is a sculptural centerpiece that will truly elevate (literally and figuratively) whatever cheese, meat or snack you're serving. We also love it as a striking pedestal for our porróns - it's a true focal point maker.